Confidence - Basic Questionnaire

Initial Questionnaire to collect the ideas of experts and stakeholders on issues to deal during the transition phase

During the transition phase, from an emergency exposure situation after an accident to an existing exposure situation, efforts are made to withdraw the emergency response, stablishing specific plans to begin the late phase recovery and rehabilitation of the affected areas. The aim is to return, as far as possible, to normal living conditions. The current feedback from the management of the Fukushima accident highlights, that these plans need to be developed through a process of national dialogue with stakeholder involvement, taking into account the inherent uncertainties on the knowledge of the real consequences of an accident, the strategies to be implemented and the potential social and economic impact on the affected population.

In the framework of the European Project CONFIDENCE, the Work Package 4 (WP4), Transition to long-term recovery, involving stakeholders in decision-making process, is devoted to improve the preparedness and response during the transition phase, identifying and trying to reduce the uncertainties in the subsequent management of the long-term exposure situation. One of the means of achieving this is to take advantage of National Panel discussions to test the involvement of the stakeholders in such decision making processes scenario based.

The following questionnaire is a starting point to establish and assay the process of national dialogue with stakeholders during the transition phase. Its objective is to collect your ideas regarding the possible critical issues, the type of actions to be taken out, and how you see their engagement in the preparedness process. It is part of a larger study focused to prepare the long-term recovery of a generic contaminated scenario, by means of a decision making process involving different stakeholders, in which we kindly ask your collaboration.

This questionnaire is divided up into 7 sections with 15 open questions that you can complete during 12-15 minutes.

Thank you for your time.


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The requested personal data will be treated with absolute confidentiality within the research team and will not be included or stored in any file. Any unequivocally identifiable information about survey respondents will not be published or disseminated in a disaggregated way and will be used exclusively for the statistical purposes identified in the study developed under the European project CONFIDENCE.